Posted on 03-Dec-2019

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Ancient Rocks Statue

The beautiful road leads south of the town of Wellawaya past a dammed lake to the magical archeological site of Buduruwagala, in a patch of a tranquil dry-zone forest, dotted with rocky outcrops with birds & butterflies flying all over. On a massive rock, somewhat similar in shape of an elephant lying down, is a courtly group of seven figures carved in high relief: two bodhisattvas, each attended by two figures, stand on either side of a 16m high central Buddha figure.

The main figures hold up their right hands with two fingers bent down to the palm. Come hither? That's a beckoning gesture, for sure. The large central standing Buddha is in the Abhaya mudra ("have no fear"). Let's take the shoes off & climb up & get close to the great rock carved statues. The quality of the carvings is very impressive. Mahayana Buddhist influence is evident in the statues. In the tenth century, Mahayana Buddhism

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